How Cosmetic company Uses the Realpacking System for Their Customer Support

관리자   /   2022-11-23

Video Logs For Customer Support

Cosmetic company handles numerous beauty products in one order, so it worries them about the orders being omitted or wrongly packaged. Also, resending products or refunding payment due to a claim can become burdensome if it frequently happens. Therefore, company uses the Realpacking system to record video logs of the orders being packaged to improve customer support.




 ※ The Realpacking system provides a global service where the timestamp that appears on the video log will always generate based on the user's location. 


“After reviewing the video footage...”

One day, we received an email from our client stating they were able to resolve a customer support case with the Realpacking System.

"The customer that claimed she was “missing” an item in her order did manage to find the item once we told her exactly where we packed it after reviewing the video footage."


With the Realpacking system, company told the customer where to look after reviewing the video log and prevented the damage from happening. Likewise, showing the transparency of their working process with the Realpacking system helps them build trust between customers and the company.

Easy Installation, Takes Less Than a Week

Cosmetic company adopted the Realpacking system in less than a week with the help of an experienced consultant and an easy-to-follow manual on the website.


After company contacted our consulting team, they followed the instruction to install equipment and software. The manual contains all the information customers must know, such as an introduction to the Realpacking system to a step-by-step guide on how to use software, equipment, etc (provided in three different languages; Korean, English and Japanese). After the successful installation, company communicated with our most experienced consultant for the best method of using the Realpacking system for the best result. Therefore in less than a week, they signed up, installed, ran a test, and started operating the system in the field till now.

Very pleased to be the “pioneer” in Australia for Real Packing.

Cosmetic company became the very first client in Australia to record the packing process of outgoing orders with the Realpacking system. We are very excited to be part of their business journey and hope the best for Cosmetix.


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