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LG H&H: Integrated with an Automated System for Convenience

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LG H&H, a leading household goods company, sells cosmetics, household goods, and beverages. It is a company so renowned worldwide that it hardly needs an introduction. Their logistics center is equipped with automated equipment lines for smart warehouse receiving and shipping. But what does Realpacking look like inside an automated distribution center?

Let's see it!

Realpacking on top of automated logistics

LG H&H adopted Realpacking to check for possible defects on the automated line during product shipment. Initially, a scanner was attached to the conveyor belt to recognize the QR code on the box, with a camera installed above it. When the scanner recognizes the QR code, Realpacking automatically creates a recording log of the items inside the box. The scanner starts and stops recording automatically upon recognizing the QR code, requiring no additional action from the operator.

The automatic recording by Realpacking, without any manual intervention, has been highly appreciated by warehouse workers. Given the efficiency required in logistics operations to meet daily shipment goals, minimizing the time it takes to ship a single product is crucial.

Realpacking is adapting its system to fit existing workflows, enabling users to operate the system without additional steps. For LG H&H, we ensured that the solution was seamlessly integrated into their automation system. The company utilizes Realpacking to document outgoing products, thereby increasing trust in the logistics center.

In alignment with the trend toward smart logistics centers, Realpacking is enhancing its compatibility with various automated equipment. For LG H&H's automated logistics center, our team is in close communication with the customer to tailor the settings to their onsite needs, facilitated by the system's high compatibility. Consequently, Realpacking demonstrates flexible integration with WMS, OMS, automation equipment, and smart logistics centers, thanks to its superior compatibility.

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