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Bun-Gae Market, Building a inspection process that can be trusted.

Bun-gae Marketplace uses Realpacking to record video footage of the arrival and departure of products. They start filming from the moment the product is unboxed from the seller and automatically record the condition of the product on video. These videos can be found in Realpacking's CMS within 10 seconds with simple information.

Ediya Coffee, Transparent communication with 3500+ franchisees nationwide.

Since 2020, we have been using Realpacking to record the process of shipping to each store on video to reduce losses and efficiently manage logistics. Based on the video logs during the shipping process through the Realpacking solution, we also utilize them to provide video logs to merchants for quicker processing when inquiries arise. This has eliminated the unnecessary work of checking each item in the event of a merchant claim for misdelivery, and improved logistics efficiency by reducing wasted workforce and time.

LG H&H, integrated with automated system for convenience.

LG H&H introduced Realpacking to check for possible defects in the automated line when shipping products. When a scanner on the conveyor belt recognizes a QR code, Realpacking automatically record the products in the box. The principle of Realpacking is that when the scanner recognizes the QR code, it automatically starts and stops recording, without requiring any additional action by the operator.

J.ESTINA, Solve Customer Claims Clear Evidence

As the number of online orders increases, so do calls from customers. Before implementing Realpacking, J. ESTINA was using security camera to record packaging footage, which meant that when a customer claim came in, it would take a long time to find the CCTV footage, and responding to the claim would be time-consuming and frustrating for the customer service representative. This was one of the reasons why J. ESTINA came to Realpacking.

HY, No more hours searching through footage. It only takes 10 seconds to solve customer claims.

Since implementing Realpacking, claim process time has been significantly reduced. When a claim comes in, Realpacking instantly finds the video of the incident by putting the invoice number. All HY has to do is check the video to determine the cause of the claim, share the video with the owner based on fault, and resolve the claim. Realpacking eliminated unnecessary time wasted and increased our efficiency.

Smeg Korea, Create an accurate and transparent shipping process.

Smeg uses Realpacking to record videos at the factory inspection and maintenance center. At the outgoing inspection center, they record videos to ensure there are no abnormalities in the product as it leaves the factory. At the maintenance center, they record every process, from receiving products to checking the product for whether the exterior and internal functions are working normally after A/S through Realpacking.

LX Pantos, Drops mispackaging rate with inspection mode.

LX Pantos is solving following problem with Realpacking: Based on the visual video recordings of Realpacking for each product order, field logistics personnel, shipper logistics business teams, marketing teams, and CS representatives can immediately check the necessary areas, reducing unnecessary processes and time.

BALAAN, Enhanced the business with Realpacking, an essential logistics system for luxury goods.

To build strong trust with customers, Balaan has been working with Realpacking, an essential logistics system for the luxury industry. As part of the care process, Realpacking records the condition of the product during the packaging process. It is the only process that customers can see among the "Balaan Care program," which is why it has the highest customer satisfaction rate among Balaan services.

Corner Market, Connected to an App and inquiries drop by 50%

Anyone with children or who loves clothes has to deal with unwanted clothes at some point. Corner Market, a fashion resale platform, allows you to sell and buy kids' clothes that they have outgrown or clothes that you no longer wear. Apply to sell within the Corner Market app, and your items will be reviewed and merchandised by a team of expert MDs. The products are then resold on the Corner Market at a lower price than the original price. Corner Market is building trust with customers by uniquely using Realpacking's features. Let's see how they're using Realpacking.