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Smeg Korea: Creating an Accurate and Transparent Shipping Process

Smeg Korea Combines Quality and Design

Since its inception in 1948, Smeg Korea has been a global brand beloved for creating innovative home appliances that blend high quality with trendy design. It has become a favorite among bakers for its advanced technology and is recognized as a luxury home appliance brand in Korea, frequently collaborating with world-renowned designers and architects.

Smeg Korea's product range extends beyond commercial ovens, refrigerators, and wine cellars to include electric kettles, blenders, and coffee machines. The company also offers technical support, cleaning services, and a systematic after-sales service process, enhancing customer convenience.

Why Smeg Korea Chose Realpacking

Given its emphasis on trendy designs, Smeg is particularly diligent in preserving the appearance of its products. Aiming for an accurate and transparent shipping process, Smeg has integrated Realpacking to record video logs at its shipping inspection and maintenance centers. These recordings ensure product integrity during shipment and verify the proper functioning of both external and internal features post-repair.

How Smeg Korea Uses Realpacking

Innovatively, Smeg has installed Realpacking on movable tables to accommodate the weight of products like ovens, mixers, and toasters. This flexibility is crucial at Smeg's logistics site, allowing Realpacking equipment to be installed on existing movable tables and integrate seamlessly with their logistics workflows.

Building Trust, Making It Convenient

Realpacking's video logs are instrumental in quickly addressing customer inquiries and, if necessary, sharing the actual video history with customers in the event of a claim. This fosters transparent communication and trust through factual evidence.

Realpacking’s Flexibility and Compatibility

Integrated seamlessly without necessitating a separate workflow, Realpacking allows Smeg's existing processes to produce video logs automatically. In logistics, even minor increases in processing time can affect daily shipment volumes. Realpacking supports Smeg Korea's logistic efficiency by enabling continuous operation without additional steps.

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