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The Impact of Realpacking on a Pet Food Delivery Service: Reduced Claims, Improved Logistics Efficiency, and a New Marketing Strategy

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These days, more than 15 million people are raising pets, and pets have become members of the family rather than just animals. This change has led to an increased demand for pet-related services and products, opening up new trends and market opportunities.

Amid these trends, Banhae is dedicated to ensuring a happy life for pets and their owners. Since 2017, Banhae has been offering services for pets, from a pet food analysis service to a store selling premium pet food. Additionally, Banhae continuously communicates with 15 million pet owners by providing accurate information through its YouTube channel.

Banhae, known for prioritizing the health and happiness of pets, has earned the trust of pet owners through its exceptional services. To understand how Banhae builds brand trust in a unique way, we spoke with Banhae’s logistics manager, Mr. Jo Chikwan, who oversees every process from warehousing to shipping until the products reach the customers.

The food your beloved pet eats - Banhae is the perfect choice to reassure the owners

Pet food is a product that greatly interests owners because it’s not something they consume themselves, but something they give to their beloved pets. Much like infant formula, it's a high-involvement product, which leads to many questions from owners about delivery times, packaging, and other details.

Additionally, since it is a high-value product, it requires more meticulous service. Therefore, we wanted to show our customers the entire process of packaging and shipping. We believed this would help pet owners feel more reassured. Currently, we record the entire process of packing and shipping the product with real-time video during Banhae's logistics operations. After shipping, we send these videos to our customers, building trust along the way.

Decreasing customer service inquiries, increasing logistics accuracy.

By sending Realpacking videos to our customers, many inquiries are resolved even before they contact customer service. Customers can understand the process by watching the Realpacking videos. Realpacking not only reduces the number of claims but also provides clear evidence to address any remaining claims effectively.

There have been many changes in logistics as well. Since the Realpacking videos are matched to the shipping labels, the accuracy in logistics has increased and efficiency has significantly improved. When running a business, it's important to consider both satisfaction and efficiency. With the use of Realpacking, our logistics efficiency has greatly improved, allowing us to handle large shipping volumes without a large workforce. This results in more efficient workforce management.

I believe that Realpacking is equivalent to the expense of one position in terms of its impact on customer service, logistics, and marketing.

Realpacking, Banhae’s new marketing tool

Realpacking’s features not only involve recording and sending videos but also provide the ability to send messages to customers and customize the Video Message screen that appears when they click the link. The lower section includes various services like tracking the delivery status, reviews, Q&A, and more, all organized into separate components.

We edit that page with Intro Ad Videos to market our brand, as well as our YouTube content and banners. By using the video messages from Realpacking as a means to attract customers, we are effectively utilizing it for marketing.
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At Banhae, we believe that logistics is not just an act but an integral part of the service our customers receive. That's why we meticulously capture and send the entire process through Realpacking videos. Our actual reviews often mention how detailed and trustworthy the Realpacking videos are.

"This meticulous service provided through Realpacking is generating a customer lock-in effect.”

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