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LX Pantos, Drops mispackaging rate with inspection mode.


Work Faster With Video Logs

In the conventional logistics process, information on goods was recorded only by numbers and text. This meant that there were virtually no visual images, making it difficult to confirm accurate information, time-consuming to check problems, and inconvenient for communication between customer service staff and logistics staff. Especially in the case of 3PL and fulfillment, where multiple shippers are represented, the time required multiplied many times, and there were days when the daily shipment volume could not be met.

LX Pantos solves these problems with Realpacking. Based on the visual video logs of Realpacking left for each product order, on-site logistics personnel, the shipper's logistics business team, marketing team, and CS personnel were able to immediately check the necessary areas, reducing unnecessary processes and time.

Whenever there was an inquiry from a shipper or a customer, the video logs on Realpacking CMS could be checked immediately, allowing for a quick reply. The system can help shippers process jobs quickly while  providing logistics history in a visible video format.

Realpacking Inspection Mode has Reduced the Rate of Mispackaging

LX Pantos even performs inspection mode through the order integration: when the picking operator passes the product to the packer through primary voice picking, the Realpacking inspection mode performs a secondary inspection and automatically keeps a video logs. Mispackaging rate after using Realpacking's inspection mode became close to 0%.

Thorough Logistics Services to Prevent Disputes with Customers

Through video logs, LX Pantos prevents disputes with customers in the unlikely event of a shipper's company. LX Pantos provides thorough services to prevent disputes between shippers and customers in the unlikely event of a dispute by keeping video logs of the condition, quantity, type, and other information of all cargo.

LX Pantos does not simply handle logistics on behalf of its customers, but also pays attention to the details of shippers' customer management and operational efficiency along with Realpacking. Differentiated services and thorough care are the reasons why LX Pantos has been with shippers for a long time.

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