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Bun-Gae Market, Building a inspection process that can be trusted.


A Trusted Second-Hand Trading Platform

Now established as a representative fashion second-hand platform for the gen Z, Bun-gae Marketplace is showing steady growth by connecting sellers and buyers based on taste and brand. On Bun-gae Market, anyone with a product can become a seller, and anyone who wants to buy something can easily buy it.

In the case of *Bun-gae Market, there is a high demand and sales of limited edition sneakers and luxury brand products in the luxury fashion category. In particular, with the change in consumption trends of the gen Z and the culture of enthusiastically digging into their favorite fields, there are many users who buy and sell what they want through Bun-gae Market.

The most important thing that customers think about when using a C2C platform is whether the information and goods of the seller and the customers can be trusted. In other words, a C2C second-hand trading platform should be able to sell or buy goods based on trust.

How Bun-gae Market Build Trust

Bun-gae Market uses Realpacking to record every item that enters the inspection center on video. Then, a team of professional inspectors uses more than 30 pieces of equipment to determine the authenticity of the product. The inspectors check the manufacturing process, fabric, engraving, decoration, and more. If the product is confirmed to be genuine, it is shipped to the buyer with a certificate of authenticity.

This differentiated Bun-gae Marketplace inspection service, BETA, is utilized by both buyers and sellers. Sellers can deliver luxury items for sale to Bun-gae Marketplace to be inspected by inspection experts, and buyers can request an authenticity inspection by selecting a product by looking at the available inspection mark when purchasing the product. After the inspection process, they can buy and sell products that are confirmed to be authentic and of high quality.

Realpacking and Bun-gae Marketplace Collaboration

Realpacking provides trust to sellers and consumers at Bun-gae Market. How did Lightning Market and Realpacking first meet? Realpacking has been working with Bun-gae Market since they were using their respective logistics centers, and we were also involved in the move to the consolidated center.

In addition to systematic inspections by Bun-gae Field's experts, Realpacking also proposed consulting on the flow of incoming and outgoing shipments and inspections to create an efficient logistics flow. Through Realpacking, we designed the flow of warehousing and inspection with a focus on shipping efficiency without losing the essential purpose of the logistics center, as well as automatically leaving a video history for each invoice.

Bun-gae Market uses Realpacking to keep a video record of the arrival and departure of products. We start filming from the moment the product is unboxed from the seller and automatically record the condition of the product on video. These videos can be found in Realpacking's CMS within 10 seconds with simple information.

In the video, you can see if the product is scratched, dirty, or used, and you can use it to answer user inquiries or improve customer experience if necessary. Currently, Bun-gae Market is automatically filming during the inspection process through Realpacking, and will gradually expand the scope.

Versatile Realpacking

Due to its high flexibility, Realpacking can be easily installed in any logistics environment and is highly versatile. This can be seen not only in the environment of the warehouse, but also in the logistics processes and products handled. In addition to the most commonly used inbound and outbound logistics processes, it can also be automatically filmed during the inspection process or after-sales service process, and the filmed Realpacking videos can be used for marketing purposes to improve the customer experience. In addition to the luxury and apparel categories such as Bun-gae market, it can also be used in various product groups such as general household goods, books, jewelry, groceries, and home appliances.

Bun-gae Marketplace is Poised for Lightning-Fast Growth

This is the story of one of our customers, Bun-gae Market. Bun-gae Market, which values user trust above all else, which is the basis of a C2C platform, is expected to grow rapidly in the future, and Realpacking will continue to work hard to ensure the trust of users of Bun-gae Market, a leading recommerce tech company.

*Bun-gae is korean word for lightning

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