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Corner Market, Connected to an App and inquiries drop by 50%


NO.1 Fashion Resale Platform

Anyone with children or who loves clothes has to deal with unwanted clothes at some point. Corner Market, a fashion resale platform, allows you to sell and buy kids' clothes that they have outgrown or clothes that you no longer wear.

Apply to sell within the Corner Market app, and your items will be reviewed and merchandised by a team of expert MDs. The products are then resold on the Corner Market at a lower price than the original price.

Corner Market Builds Trust in its Resell Platform with Realpacking

For a platform that resells used products, it's crucial to build trust for sellers to trust the platform. At Corner Market, they inspect the condition of each item upon arrival and record video logs with Realpacking. Customers can view their videos by logging into the Corner Market app and tapping the 'View screening process' button.

Sellers can see how their packages were opened, inspected, and priced with the video log recorded with the Realpacking solution. The video logs are something that many users of Corner Market appreciate.

Shorten Claim Process Time with Clear Evidence.

Corner Market used to spend a lot of time responding to claims when they came in, but since implementing Realpacking, the time to respond to claims has been reduced by more than three hours. They've also been able to reduce phone calls by 50% by sharing inspection videos taken with Realpacking to sellers. Sellers log in to the app and can see the inspection videos of the clothes they've sent, removing a point of contact from the receiving process.‍

In this way, Corner Market has made it impossible for sellers to make claims by recording the inspection process with Realpacking and making it available to sellers right in the app.

Easy to Move Around the Equipments.

Corner Market has been with Realpacking for a long time, and even when they moved their warehouse, they stayed with Realpacking. Realpacking is easy to set up and move, so it can be taken to wherever it needs to be.

Differenciated Customer Experience of Corner Market.

Customers who actually use Corner Markets are also impressed by this kind of attention to detail, and attention to detail makes corner markets unique.

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