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J.ESTINA is the first Korean bridge jewelry brand inspired by the Italian princess and queen of Bulgaria, Princess Giovanna, as its muse. Many people are familiar with the brand's tiara symbol jewelry, which has become very popular. In addition to the jewelry business, the brand is currently leading in a wide range of fields such as bags, cosmetics, and perfumes, attracting a lot of attention from the MZ generation.

J.ESTINA became the first Korean jewelry brand to open a store at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Since then, it has become a global brand and increased sales by entering duty-free shops around the world, including Los Angeles, Soho, and Beverly Hills in the U.S., Beijing Capital Airport Sunrise Duty-Free, Hainan Downtown Duty-Free, Jagarta Duty-Free in Indonesia, and Lotte Duty-Free in Singapore.

Realpacking Helping Out J.ESTINA to Boost Their Sales

J.ESTINA and Realpacking have been working together since 2016, and as the number of online orders increases, the number of customer claims also increases. Before implementing Realpacking, J.ESTINA was using security cameras to capture packaging footage. When customer claims came in, they had to watch the whole footage of the security camera and respond to the customers, which was time-consuming and often became a frustrating process for customer service representatives. That's why J.ESTINA came to Realpacking.

When we first visited J.ESTINA, security cameras were pulled down to the working area to record each worker as they packed, which made it difficult for workers to do their jobs, so Realpacking helped them install a wall-mounted camera. After installing the Realpacking solution, they record and check the packing process by invoice number, making it more convenient and faster to respond to customers.

After installing Realpacking, they no longer need to line up the security cameras hanging down from the ceiling, and video logs can be easily found by the invoice number, contact information, or customer name.

Online brands are expanding as online markets grow each year, and the more customers use these services, the higher the chance of unexpected claims. By preparing in advance with Realpacking, the trust between the customer and the brand will be protected.

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