[Realpacking Recorder] MacOS Version Release, IP Camera Connection Feature.

We're pleased to announce an update to our  recording program, Realpacking Recorder.

Have you been unable to use the Realpacking solution because you're a Mac user? Do you want to integrate with an IP camera you are already using without additional equipment? With the latest update to the Realpacking recording program, both are now possible. Check the details below!

Realpacking Recorder MacOS Version

Now you can use Realpacking to record on MacOS. There are two versions available: MacOS Apple Silicon and MacOS Intel. Download and use the version that matches the chip in your Mac computer.
Customers have voiced their need for Realpacking Mac support, both domestically and internationally. As Realpacking expands globally, MacOS support has become an increasingly important aspect.
Mac users can now easily start using Realpacking with a familiar interface.

❓How To Use
Realpacking website → Download page → Download the beta file for MacOS Apple Silicon/Intel according to your specifications.

Use the Realpacking Recorder Connected With an IP Camera

If you are already using an IP camera, this update allows you to continue using your existing equipment with Realpacking. The IP camera connection feature enables you to use your current recording devices without needing to connect a separate webcam.

First, after installing the beta version of the recording program, select the IPCM Module for the resolution module.

Then, in the topmost area that has changed to a URL input field instead of a camera selection, enter the URL starting with ‘rtsp’.

Then, you can connect in real-time with your existing IP camera. Since the IP camera replaces the role of a webcam, you can use it without an additional camera, making it more convenient.

For this feature, it is important to maintain a stable network for the IP camera. Instead of keeping the program running continuously for long periods, it is better to shut it down periodically to prevent video interruptions.

❓How To Use
Realpacking website → Download page → Download the beta file → Connect IP camera → Proceed with recording for each invoice/order as usual.

Other Minor Updates

In addition to MacOS support and IP camera connection functionality, this version supports various other recording modules and provides a stable environment for large-scale continuous recording. Moreover, in the newly updated 3.1.0-beta version, the WEB module is recommended. It has a fast loading speed even on low-spec systems and ensures a stable environment even with over 300,000 recordings.

If you want to get early access to the new and improved features, upgrade to the beta program!

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At Realpacking, we prioritize customer experience and continuously update our software. The latest features, such as Mac OS support and IP camera connection functionality, are the result of incorporating your valuable feedback. We will continue to listen to you and strive to provide better services and features.

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